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I arrived in Kenya in May of 2013. Facing complications, a planned project was postponed. With extra time on our hands Irene suggested we look to rent a small office for Kibera Pride. Just a "small office" where she could meet with people and establish a presence for KP. The best option was more then a small office, rather a family size home, (in our minds - a compound). At that time the building was for sale - not for rent. Irene was able to convince the owner to rent it to us. We agreed to work towards raising funds to purchase the building. We could only afford to rent the front half of the property - which at the time was way more space then needed.

On August 4th we moved into the KP Compound and began planning our next steps. We wanted to be sure all was in order and that every step we took would be sustainable. On August 29th, a knock at the gate disrupted our attempts at planning, a children's welfare officer came with little Johnny in tow. Johnny was at risk and we were chosen to provide guardianship as his home situation was sorted out. I remember the shock, for sure this was what we were there for, but no way were not ready.

Two and half years later we now have 25 kids in our full-time care and another 50 for which we sponsoring education. To be honest we're still not ready but the need is great. Kibera Pride is one of just a handful of registered NGOs providing full-time live-in care within Kibera. We have earned the respect and trust of the local children's welfare office and they continue to drop off kids. Sometimes they are there for only a few weeks as the officials sort out the family issues. Sometimes it is decided they stay with us - permanently. In either case we receive NO assistance.