We currently have 3 ways you can help.

The first is in support or of our ongoing operation at Kibera Pride - this is our most critical need. From food to utilities and all
of life's needs.

The second is to sponsor a child's education this will completely change a life!

The third is to make a donation to our building fund, join our vision for KP!

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The biggest challenge for Kibera Pride has been the day to operating expenses. There are many things are beyond our control or impossible to predict.


The Children's Welfare office drops off kids in need, some stay only for a couple weeks as their home life sorts out, while others become permanent residents at KP. They provide no funding for us in either case. As you can guess this makes budgeting very difficult.

Another challenge is the healthcare. Often times the kids dropped off are in very poor condition and require medical care and in some cases on going therapy. This expense is impossible to predict and again we have to cover it. In addition to this when one kid gets sick it almost aways guarantees many will. When this is spread over 26 kids even a common illness can devastate our monthly planning.

Finally we all experience the power going off from time to time. In Kibera it goes off fairly often. This requires the purchase of many candles - as we have 26 kids most of which are in school and need to complete homework, but the big expense when the power goes of is water. We have an electric pump that that fills our water tank. If the power goes off we quickly run out of water - with 26 kids and 4 staff members we go through a lot of water - from the daily laundry, to showers and drinking and cooking, we use a lot of water. We are then forced to buy the water and it's it's brought in by a truck and this is very expensive.




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We are currently looking to purchase the property we rent. This will allow the funds used to pay the rent to go to other needs. More importantly it will allow us to double our capacity. It will also secure our location and allow us the security of knowing we will not be forced to leave and find a new location. Also we initially felt we could have some sustainable income activities (such as a volunteer program) but as the number of kids grew - there was no longer room to accommodate volunteers. We are regularly turning down volunteers who want to come.

There is a multitude of issues that the lack of space is currently causing. We are attempting to raise $150,000.

1. The purchase of the property would include a back property also - effectively doubling our capacity. (See chart to the right).

2. We are harming children's welfare due to being over capacity.

3. The kids have no chance to sit in a good position when having their meals, no room for them to study. 

4. The funds that currently go for house rent can be used for something else.

5. If own we can begin to make some improvements because at the moment we are limited since we don't own the property.

6. We have 26 kids and 4 staffs using one bathroom which makes things difficult.

7. Because of congestion the door in the girls room can't open easily which is risky in case of fire break.

8. The house we are occupying was meant for a family of 4-5 which is now being occupied by 26 kids and 2 adults.

9.  Our entire operation could be shut down if one day the landlord decide to sell it or rent to another person.

10. We need more space for the kids since we are too crowded together (it’s simply uncomfortable and inhumane).

Buying the compound solves so many issues we currently face - if you would like to donate the funds for this effort are kept in a separate account - we appreciate any help in this urgent matter.



The pink/purple area reflect the expantion potential. The purchase
would double our capacity.

Click on the image to enlarge.


Click on the image to enlarge.
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With our education program we are taking children who had no hope and we are seeing them past the pitfalls - early marriage, glue and drug abuse, crime and more. Simply staying in school changes everything. You can sponsor a child at Kibera Pride for $500.00 per year. This covers the expenses relating to school tuition, uniforms, bags, shoes, books and so much more.

We do more then just register the sponsored kids, we follow-up with the schools to keep track of our kids, we meet with the teachers and parents to make sure they are making progress. We deal directly with the payments to the schools to assure the money goes for no other purpose. We allow the kids whose home life threatens the education to come to our compound to do the homework. It's way beyond covering expenses. We are very proud of the success our sponsored children have had.

If you want to sposor a child please input eithe $500 US as a one-time gift for the year or $45 per month. It is always OK to make a contribution of a lessser amount to support all the miscelanious expense we face in the educational effort.

Homework evening at Kibera Pride

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We will soon have our Articles of Incorporation complete and at the point your donations will be tax deductible. With our the Articles in hand we will be pursuing our 501 3c b status. We appreciate all who have been giving without this benefit! And for those who find the deduction important please check back as we will be able to accommodate your needs soon.