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One of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education. We are currently educating over 50 underprivileged children within the Kibera community. 
We are providing support to local Kibera residents to help them start micro businesses. Even a one-time donation of $100 starts a business that changes a families livelihood. We have trusted Kibera Pride personal on the ground who verify the needs and help to facilitate the funds and coach the recipients to assure success.  
We also have a community based women's group, we provide information on banking, investment and personal growth. Every year at Christmas we provide purchase and distribute dry goods, flour, oil, spices, sugar, all that is needed for families to have a wonderful meal at Christmas and through the new year. 
Kibera Pride Christian Church (KPCC) is here to serve the spiritual needs of our community. This important function brings hope and connection. We are providing prayer, worship, teaching and spiritual support— all faiths and religions are welcome. 
We are running an orphanage that provides around the clock care for 30 PLUS children. Care includes: food, housing, clothing, education, counseling and more. The children we have at the Kibera Pride home come from desperate situations and unlivable conditions. Your support makes this all possible. 
The local Social Services Children's Office will regularly drop children at our home for protection. These children have often experienced torture and abuse that is heartbreaking. We keep the children until the local government can sort out the situation. The government provides no assistance - it's our privilege to be trusted with this important work. Your donation helps us to proved this critical service. 
A New School – Kibera Pride USA 
We are near to completing our 501 3C. Once we have it, we can finally start our school. This school will truly change Kibera. We will not be charging for tuition. We will provide uniforms and supplies. The school will be equipped to move students into the tech/digital world, Kenya, Africa, and the world's needs. This will be a grade 1-12 school. Teachers will be well paid and no mistreating of the students. This will be a game-changer for Kibera.
UPDATE! We now have our 501 3C!!! US donations are now fully tax deductible.  

Health Care – Kibera Pride USA 
Like the school, we envision a game-changer. Working with grant funding, we will start with a minute clinic. Free or very low-cost targeting, malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, yellow fever. We also hope to provide pre-natal care consultation and HIV/AIDS meds and consultation. 

Story Telling – Kibera Pride USA 
We are starting a filmmaking group; by telling the stories of Kibera, we will bring awareness. A well-told story brings awareness and sometimes change. 

With your contribution, we will bring change! ​​​​​​​
Click here to change lives!
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